AVOID Cadence Bank!!! Mind blowing amounts of stupidity & incomprehensible incompetence!!! And you're supposed to trust *them* with handling your money?! HA!

The incident:

Cadence Bank advertises itself as all about small business.

I went to open a business checking account. After a long time, the guy tells me I'm done -- but I have next to no paperwork from the bank except my temp checks. I ask where the fee disclosure sheet is. He takes a L O N G time more and prints up something generic to any & all checking accounts -- things like wire transfers, research, etc--things that are generic to *all* checking accounts. Nothing basic, nor anything specific to my type of account. I ask again for the fee structure for MY SPECIFIC type of checking account. They hadn't even told me how much excess transaction fees would be!!!

Some other *** comes over to 'help'. Because I had said what they had given me was 'generic' to all accounts, he retorts that "ALL their checking accounts are generic" (WTF?!?!)

I tell him he doesn't seem to know what the definition of 'generic' is. He gets a tone and tells me to define it as though he were calling me out. He was ***, and too *** to realize that what he had said was ridiculous! And then he wants to get confrontational about semantics as though he had won the battle by getting gruff with me.

I insist I need a fee disclosure form. Another person says they don't have them, can they just mail it to me at some later point!!! WTF?! I need to do business with other organizations who will have different rates of transactions into my bank, so *** NO! I need my fee disclosure before I leave, otherwise MY BANK IS HOLDING UP MY BUSINESS PROCESS!!!

Finally the branch mgr. comes over. I *thought* that she would finally be a competent person...BUT NOOOO!!!!!

She also doesn't get the concept that a bank should give its customers fee disclosures. She also doesn't seem to understand the difference between a generic fee disclosure about other, rare fees like wire transfers and a basic, everyday occurences fee disclosure about the things like transaction fees (for biz accounts)

She gives me a comparison chart of all their business checking accounts. AGAIN it does NOT list the basics like cost of going over my allotted transactions. I point out that a comparison lists only an overall picture and NOT the SPECIFICS about MY PARTICULAR, SPECIFIC TYPE OF ACCOUNT.

She seems unable to comprehend that different types of checking accounts have different types of fees AND THAT CUSTOMERS WANT THAT INFORMATION DISCLOSED!!!!

As I'm writing this it seems like it's just too much to believe. I mean, how could a bank operate like this?! I got home and wondered if I had been pranked and would be on TV.

It took 2 1/2 hours to get thru this and I still DIDN'T get my fee disclosure!!! I got a summary printed off their Internet page. BUT fee fact-sheets would have gotten into the nitty gritty, the Net summary page does not.

The mgr at one point had to call someone on the phone to help her. BUT it was only because the 2md page of the comparison of all their checking accounts would not print. (it did not even specify transaction fee amounts.) I INSISTED THAT I DID ***NOT*** WANT THE COMPARISON. I asked her to find out where to get the full fee disclosure SPECIFIC to my account type. She poked at the sheet in front of me (comparison) and told me I already had it! She refused to even ask for help in getting what I kept on & on & on asking for--specific fee disclosure for my type of account.

I finally looked up the 800 # and called to try to get help from somebody--even as I sat & waited right there in front of the idiotic mgr. while she got help for printing the 2nd page of comparison.

After 2 full hours I had finally gotten a hold of someone (on phone) who grasped the concept of a fee disclosure sheet specific to my account. She said she would phone the branch.

Another half hour later the mgr then printed the Internet *summary* for my specific account--NOT A FEE DISCLOSURE FORM - no specifics.

I left. Unfortunately I had already signed that I had received the disclosures!!!

The entire staff present got in on this, and NO ONE there had a clue what to do. 3 out of 4 couldn't grasp the concept of a fee disclosure specific to one type of account. The remaining one person was new and didn't know where to find it. One *** PLUS the mgr. did NOT know what 'generic' meant vs. specific.

And they advertise themselves as small business specialists in banking!!! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

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